Sipping Wine with Da Vinci (Webinar)

Vizi Andrei

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Leonardo da Vinci is among the most curious & talented people who ever lived. He was deeply interested not simply in art but also architecture, philosophy, geology, botany, history, science, music, anatomy, and engineering.

Da Vinci enjoyed a helicopter view over various subjects while also having the capacity to land anywhere―he could bring in freshness, reject consensus, and reveal blind spots.

An intellectual vagabond; the archetype of the Renaissance Man; a strategic rebel & sovereign artist & iconic polymath.

I want to sip a glass of wine with Da Vinci—and I invite you to join me.

Requirement: Pour yourself a glass of (preferably red) wine 🍷 during the webinar. If you start the session in the morning, a cup of espresso or tea will be just fine.

🎓 Topics

1) Gamblers & Entrepreneurs

2) A Brief History of Freedom

3) The Art of Rest & Procrastination

4) Lead a Simple & Exciting Life

5) Decentralize Your Income

6) The Sicilian Calendar

More Info

Instructor & Moderator: Yours Truly
Structure: Live Zoom Session
Session length: 1h 30min+
Time: 15:00 CET

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Sipping Wine with Da Vinci (Webinar)

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