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Sipping Wine with Da Vinci (Webinar)

Vizi Andrei

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Leonardo da Vinci is among the most curious & talented people who ever lived. He was deeply interested not simply in art but also architecture, philosophy, geology, botany, history, science, music, anatomy, and engineering.

Da Vinci enjoyed a helicopter view over various subjects while also having the capacity to land anywhere―he could bring in freshness, reject consensus, and reveal blind spots.

An intellectual vagabond; the archetype of the Renaissance Man; a strategic rebel & sovereign artist & iconic polymath.

I want to sip a glass of wine with Da Vinci—and I invite you to join me.

Requirement: Pour yourself a glass of (preferably red) wine 🍷 during the webinar. If you start the session in the morning, a cup of espresso or tea will be just fine.

🎓 Topics

1) Gamblers & Entrepreneurs

2) A Brief History of Freedom

3) The Art of Rest & Procrastination

4) Lead a Simple & Exciting Life

5) Decentralize Your Income

6) The Sicilian Calendar

More Info

Instructor & Moderator: Yours Truly
Structure: Live Zoom Sessions
Session length: 1h 30min+
Time: 14:00 CET

What You Get: Access to the Live Sessions & Recordings & Video Presentation & Playbook

I will be hosting the same webinar TWICE. You will get access to both sessions. Feel free to attend both—the goal is to give you options so that you’re able to attend at least one.

Presentation: You will receive a video presentation a few weeks AFTER the webinar. The webinar is meant to be an interactive session. We thus give up on some aspects in order to foster discussion. The presentation will give you clarity on the aspects we failed to tackle during the webinar.

Recordings: In case you miss the webinar (maybe you live in a different part of the world that makes it painful to attend because of the time difference) note that both sessions will be recorded.

Playbook: A few weeks AFTER the webinar, you will get a short playbook that will provide you with further insights & resources. Why? You want to solidify & reflect on what you learned.

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Sipping Wine with Da Vinci (Webinar)

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