The Sovereign Artist (Program)

Vizi Andrei
57 ratings

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🎓 Curriculum

1) Seize the Information Age

2) Create Product-Centric Content

3) Build your Talent Stack & Online CV

4) Design a Minimalist Internet Business

5) Create Antifragile Digital Assets

6) Hire Software, not Humans

7) Get Premium Clients

Your Instructor

My name is Vizi Andrei. I’m a designer, creator, independent researcher, and (internet) branding & business strategist.

My projects led me to work with Gumroad, Larry Sanger, Naval Ravikant, Ed Latimore, and Jim O’Shaughnessy.

The greatest success of my career so far is that I’ve never been employed.

💎 The Complete Package

+ The Sovereign Artist Philosophy

+ Visual Lessons & Presentations

+ Challenges & Worksheets

+ Videos & LIVE Events

The program gives you access to multiple visual lessons, presentations, videos, worksheets, and challenges. There are also live events—webinars & workshops.

👑 Who is this for?

You’re patient, humble, and comfortable with uncertainty & sharing your work online.

This program will NOT teach you how to become an influencer or build a unicorn company 🦄

The goal is to design a sustainable lifestyle (digital) business built around your skills, knowledge, and interests without getting lucky 🍀

Level 7

You want to learn how to use the Internet to build your talent stack, find projects & clients, grow an online audience, or develop a creative service from the bottom up, but you need help getting started.

Level 57

You’re already self-employed—but you need more optionality. You want to earn with your mind (not with your time) and become a minimalist (online) entrepreneur. You want to turn your online audience into a supportive community & design a creative service you can sell at scale.

Level 93

You’re an internet entrepreneur that’s built a reliable business, but you need help building premium digital assets or designing systems that can help you work less & earn more.

Artist (Definition)

The word “artist” instinctively makes us think of painters, musicians, writers, or sculptors. But this would be a terribly reductionist definition. The term includes virtually all occupations. An artist is anyone who is creatively producing new knowledge.

Umberto Eco came up with a wise remark: “Critical creativity—criticizing what we are doing or inventing better ways of doing it—is the only mark of artistic function.”

Sovereign Artist (Definition)

The identity of any SA is blurred. His/her internet business model is rather unorthodox.

SA is someone who enjoys being a creator, freelancer, and minimalist entrepreneur at the same time while identifying with none of these terms in particular.

Someone who combines art and business. Someone who works with others but never for others. Someone who has both scalable and non-scalable sources of income. Someone who can take a walk or a nap on random Tuesday at noon without asking for permission.

The SA Platform

All lessons are delivered in a visual fashion on an exclusive digital platform. Expect articles, videos, challenges, worksheets, but also LIVE events such as workshops & webinars.

Visual Lessons

Webinars & Workshops

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The SA Philosophy

If you get the Complete Package, you will also receive 1X 50-page philosophical & entrepreneurial playbook that describes the dynamics of the Information Age.

Refund Policy

Your purchase is risk-free.

If you don’t resonate with the SA program, email me at within 3 days of your purchase and I will give you a full refund.

In case you make that decision, note that you will be kicked out of the platform and no longer have access to the program & material.

Praise from Members

“We’re often told that the way to succeed in the Information Age is straightforward. Anyone who has tried knows it isn’t. Vizi presents the pragmatic approach in this program.”

— William Wayland

“Inspiring yet practical. You will learn how to think like a 21st-century artist & minimalist entrepreneur. What I love most are all the instances of clarity and mindfulness that it offers.”

— Tori Risucci

“The SA program opens up your mind and gets you thinking in ways you haven’t before. It’s the perfect blend of classical wisdom and independent thinking, immediately applicable in the Information Age and beyond.” 

— Ika Chigogidze

“This is the program designed to help creative solopreneurs navigate the Digital Age. Even if you already make a living as a full-time creator/freelancer, the Sovereign Artist will likely show you a much more coherent framework to structure your internet business and build a brand online.” 

— Mahmoud Rasmi

“Vizi doesn’t offer advice but provocation of thought. It gets the wheels of creativity turning through beautiful lessons, presentations, and case studies. This program will teach you a great set of skills.”

— Rafe Crow

“Smart investment. The SA doesn’t give you information. It gives you transformation. I acquired new tools and applied what I learned immediately. The best part is that I’ve already seen results. The platform is easy to navigate and understand. Densely packed with strategies. The wisdom/word ratio is high.”

— Israel Amescua

“The SA is such a curated and distinct piece of mastery. Truly. I have bought many programs but this is the only one built on fundamental shifts in society. For anyone struggling to discover how to express themselves authentically on the Internet, sustainably monetize an audience, and think critically about lifestyle design, this is the program. I wish I found this earlier. Vizi has outdone himself.”

— Sean Logan

“The SA is one of the best and ONLY programs I have purchased to help me break away from the 9-5 life and it did exactly that. Using the lessons and tactics from the program, I won over my first client. Vizi is also super helpful in answering any personal questions because he truly wants to see others succeed. I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in becoming a full-time creator, solopreneur, or minimalist entrepreneur.”

— Arooba Asim

“The SA has given me the tools to think differently about entrepreneurship in the Information Age. The program provides the clarity needed to design a lifestyle business I’m proud of.”

— Jess Barber

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The Sovereign Artist (Program)

57 ratings
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