The Sovereign Artist (Course & Community)

Vizi Andrei
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1. Seize the Digital Age 

2. Build Your Talent Stack

3. Leverage Online Resources

4. Learn to Write Persuasively

5. Create Impactful Content

6. Build Products & Services

7. Sell Products & Services

Brief Description

The S.A. Course addresses how to use the Internet to learn new skills; find projects and clients; grow a reliable online audience; create product-centric content; develop antifragile digital assets; and overall build a creative internet business from the bottom up.

The ultimate aim is to organize your work and transform your skills into a minimalist online business.

Save 3,000+ hours of market research. Place wise bets. Take strategic risks.

In a nutshell, this course shows you exactly how I’d help you if you hired me.

The Complete Package

+ The Sovereign Artist Philosophy

+ Visual Lessons & Case Studies

+ Access to a Digital Platform

+ Presentations & Strategies

+ Workshops & Challenges

+ Online Community

Once you get on board, you will enjoy a lifetime S.A. membership.

There are 7 Learning Blocks. Each Block has between 2-6 lessons. A new lesson gets published every 4-8 weeks.

This course is (largely) self-paced—you can access the materials whenever you want.

You will be invited to join a Private Discord Community of hundreds of like-minded people. You will be able to ask questions, share your progress, get feedback, ask for help, brainstorm business projects, and more.

Who is this for?

You're patient, humble, and comfortable with uncertainty.

Level 7

You want to learn how to use the Internet to learn new skills, find projects, or build a creative online business from the bottom up, but you need help getting started.

Level 57

You're already self-employed—but you need more freedom. You want to earn with your mind (not with your time) and become a minimalist (online) entrepreneur. You want to build an authentic digital service you can sell at scale.

Level 93

You're an internet entrepreneur and/or artist that's built a reliable business, but you need help getting more customers, building premium digital assets, or doubling your profit without sacrificing your freedom.

Artist (Definition)

The word “artist” instinctively makes us think of painters, musicians, writers, or sculptors. But this would be a terribly reductionist definition. The term includes virtually all occupations. An artist is anyone who is creatively producing new knowledge. Umberto Eco came up with a wise remark: “Critical creativity—criticizing what we are doing or inventing better ways of doing it—is the only mark of artistic function.”

Your Instructor

I’m a designer, writer, independent researcher, and (internet) business strategist. My projects led me to work with Gumroad, Larry Sanger, Naval Ravikant, Ed Latimore, Jim O’Shaughnessy, and more.

The Platform

The lessons are delivered in a visual fashion on an exclusive digital platform. They involve presentations, strategies, case studies, experiments, challenges, but also workshops and Q&A sessions.

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1:1 Strategy Session

If you choose the premium package, you will also get a 1:1 strategy session. 120 minutes.

My areas of expertise:

+ Client Hunting

+ Lifestyle Design

+ Digital Branding

+ Digital Education

+ Content Strategy

+ Product Launches

+ Community Building


If you want to get on board but have further questions about the course—feel free to send me an email at


“We're often told that the way to succeed in the Information Age is straightforward. Anyone who has tried knows it isn't. Vizi presents the pragmatic approach in this course.”

— William Wayland

“This course is not only about how to improve your writing and design skills or how to build products and services. What I love most are all the instances of clarity and mindfulness that it offers.”

— Tori Risucci

“Inspiring yet practical. This course is a pleasant experience. You will learn how to think like a 21st-century artist and minimalist entrepreneur.”

— Lewy Convery

“Good investment. Vizi doesn't offer advice but provocation of thought. It gets the wheels of creativity turning through beautiful lessons, presentations, case studies, and more. This course will teach you a great set of skills.”

— Rafe Crow

“Vizi addresses multiple nuances which are otherwise left unchecked throughout our mainstream education system. I like that the course doesn't feel like a chore—but at the same time, it's also quite challenging. I knew that freedom (or should I say sovereignty?) was something I valued above all things, but I could never really see a path for me until I got access to the material from this course. It all made sense to me as if I already should have known.”

— Shpend Iseini

“The S.A. course has equipped me with the philosophy and resources needed to build a creative internet business sustainably. Instead of focusing on outliers such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or Mark Zuckerberg, Vizi shares both timeless and timely wisdom that shows us a different way to think about entrepreneurship.”

— Glavis Loh

“This course is such a curated and distinct piece of mastery. Truly. I have bought many courses but this is the only one built on fundamental shifts in society. For anyone struggling to discover how to express themselves authentically on the Internet, sustainably monetize an audience, and opt for financial freedom, this is the program. I wish I found this earlier. Vizi has outdone himself.”

— Sean Logan

“The S.A. is one of the best and ONLY courses I have purchased to help me break away from the 9-5 life and it did exactly that. Using the lessons and tactics from the course, I won over my first client. Vizi is also super helpful in answering any personal questions because he truly wants to see others succeed. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a full-time creator, solopreneur, or minimalist entrepreneur.”

— Ruby

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