Sipping Wine with Da Vinci (Workshop)

Vizi Andrei


Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most talented and curious human beings who ever lived. He was deeply interested not merely in art but also in architecture, philosophy, geology, botany, history, science, music, anatomy, and engineering.

Da Vinci enjoyed a helicopter view over various subjects while also having the capacity to land anywhere―he could bring in freshness, reject consensus, and reveal blind spots.

An intellectual vagabond; the archetype of the Renaissance Man; a strategic rebel and iconic polymath.

In this workshop, I want to sip a glass of wine with Da Vinci—and I invite you to join me 📢

🎓 Syllabus

Instructor & Moderator: Vizi Andrei
Structure: 2x Live Zoom Sessions
Session length: 1h 30min+
Content availability: The sessions are recorded and available forever

🍷Requirement: Pour yourself a glass of wine during the session(s). But if you start the session(s) in the morning (depending on your time zone)—a cup of espresso or tea will be just fine.

This program lies at the intersection of art, creativity, philosophy, and lifestyle design.

📚 You will also get a list of all of the materials (books, programs, and videos) that were used to create this program. In this way, you will be able to study the subjects discussed in the session(s) more thoroughly.

We will discuss certain nuances, strategies, and topics in the 1st session; and different nuances, strategies, and topics in the 2nd session.


Epicureanism 2.0

Explore how Epicureanism can be adapted to modern careers and help you build a sustainable and fulfilled lifestyle. Learn how to practice the Italian concept of Dolce far Niente and how to measure happiness in love, freedom, and integrity. 

Buddhist Economics

Learn how to identify toxic social norms and domesticate mimetic desires. Build mental clarity about your goals and dreams. Understand the foundations of a minimalist online business.

“Fresh coffee. Worriless sleeping. Music. Books. Dogs. Being able to take a (long) walk on a random Tuesday at noon. Work which one hopes may be of some use. Frequent laughs. Nature. Art. A cozy place to call home. Such is my idea of happiness.” After Leo Tolstoy

The Sicilian Calendar

Learn how to work in harmony with your natural inclinations and design a lifestyle that maximizes creativity. Discuss why relentless ambition and working for long hours may be against our nature.

The Art of Procrastination

Explore why procrastination is your best friend, not your biggest enemy. Learn how to use it to gain an edge as an (aspiring) entrepreneur, artist, or knowledge worker. Understand how it can bring you plenty of wisdom and intellectual serendipity. 

The Dynamics of the Information Age

Whether you realize it or not, we’re facing the transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. The technological changes we’re experiencing right now are giving us the tools to live in ways our grandparents could only dream of.

But, although modern humanity is lucky in theory, we can’t say the same thing about practice: way too few individuals are aware of these technological advancements. On an unconscious level, the majority of people are still living in the Industrial Age.

This can only be good news: it means that the competition is still scarce.

Let’s take advantage of this.



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Sipping Wine with Da Vinci (Workshop)

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